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The university of Cape Coast is committed to ensuring food security on campus through a sustainably farmed food. The broader goal of sustainably farmed food and livestock on campus is to promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. Modernized and guided farming that is hinged on shared farm lands is critical to the achievement of this goal.  The student’s farm project is an initiative instituted by the Dean of the school of Agriculture in 2021 to give opportunity to students of the university of cape coast, to share in farming lands on campus to ensure food security among the university community whiles also making extra income along their studies on campus by producing crops for the farm unit of the university. The beneficiaries per agreement to the shared land usage will supply their harvest at farm gate prices to the farm unit which also add value and sell them to the university community. The students are then paid every month for every product supplied to the farm unit.

Students of the University of Cape Coast who are interested and can produce crops or rear animals are eligible to apply. Interested student applies through the manager of the school farm and when approval is given, they receive a plot of land at the teaching and research farm. As a commitment from the University, the lands are ploughed and in some cases students are given viable seeds and other inputs. In addition, and in conformity to sustainability practices, the student farmers are also provided with expert advice alongside free extension services and training where necessary.

Each student or group is supposed to sign an agreement before the start, and are mandated to follow the established protocols as well as the rules and regulations.