The School of Agriculture was set up in 1975 with the initial responsibility of training graduates to teach agriculture in the educational system of the country at the pre-university level. The School has, since its inception, undisputedly identified itself with this primary role. In addition to this role, the School is playing several roles and has made modest achievements in all sectors. The School functions in its teaching, research and extension activities through five departments and three specialized units. The Departments are Agricultural Economics and Extension, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Crop Science and Soil Science. The Specialized Supporting Units are the Teaching and Research Farm, Technology Village and Meat Processing Unit..



To be an outstanding international institution that provides leadership in agricultural education, engages in cutting edge research and to provide innovative extension services..


A school that trains and equips students, farmers and other stakeholders with relevant knowledge, professional skills and affection to carry out research to address current and emerging agricultural related issues and provide extension services for development..


Core Value

Our core values are:

1. Team work

We bring together our multi-disciplinary expertise to facilitate effective and efficient teaching, research and extension.


2. Academic excellence and Professionalism

We provide a congenial environment for teaching/learning, research and extension.

We have highly knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated staff.

We carry out demand-driven research which impacts positively on society.

We carry out curricula delivery with mixed pedagogies.


3. Good governance

We have a functional and transparent good governance structure which enhances teaching/learning, research activities


4. Ethical and responsible behavior

We have well-established ethical policies to regulate staff conduct, administration, teaching, and research in a manner that upholds the integrity of the school.


5. Equality of access to opportunities and services

We provide equal access to opportunities, resources and services irrespective of gender and status.


6. Empowerment

We support all categories of staff and students to achieve personal and institutional goals.


7. Partnership

We have strong linkages and collaborations with world acclaimed educational and research institutions and industry.